How did the Qin or Ch'in Dynasty influence European and Asian cultures?NO

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saintfester eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Qin dynasty is widely recognized as the first imperial dynasty of China. They se the president that the emperor ruled China, and advanced Chinese warfare strategy by improving the use of cavalry in combat. They standardized the language and writing system in China, which allowed Imperial edicts to be sent to nobles across China. They also standardized currency, turning coinage into copper coins with a square hole in the middle. Weights and measures were also standardized. These achievements allowed future dynasties to build upon solid economic and communication foundations. The dynasty also began the Great Wall, build 4200 miles of roads and build a 1250 mile long canal, greatly improving Chinese infrastructure.

The Qin did not have much contact with the west, although their transportation network did allow trade goods to flow more easily across the Silk Road and other trade routes.