How did propaganda affect the Jews that were involved?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For the purposes of this answer, I will assume that we are talking about Nazi Germany.  I assume that you are asking about the propaganda created by the Nazis and others who agreed with them.  The main effect that this propaganda had on Jews was to make it harder for them to live as normal Germans.  Eventually, this effect became so strong that huge numbers of Jews were killed in what we now call the Holocaust.

In the years before WWII, the Nazi Party and others disseminated propaganda that tried to persuade Germans that they should hate the Jews.  The Nazis portrayed the Jews as people who wanted to destroy Germany and its culture.  This propaganda had a very strong effect on the Jews.  It helped to persuade many Germans to hate the Jews and to support (or at least go along with) Nazi efforts to take away the Jews’ rights.  The propaganda made the Germans stop seeing Jews as normal people and start seeing them as an internal enemy.  When enough Germans came to feel this way, it was possible for the Nazis to take away the Jews’ rights and, eventually, to kill a tremendous number of them.

Thus, propaganda affected the Jews by making it hard for them to live as normal citizens of Germany and, eventually, by contributing to the Holocaust.

essaypro | Student

Hitler did a significant job at making propaganda, about any matter. Whether it was Czechoslovakia or Poland, or war etc. He used his talent of leadership and public speaking to make these propaganda. One of the reasons the holocaust took place was because of these propaganda. Hitler started making propaganda against the jews, to make all of Germany hate them. This made it hard for Jews to live a normal life. They were discriminated from the rest of society, and were seen as animals.

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