How do the prisoners in Night, including rabbis, reconcile their agony with their faith?  

Expert Answers
scarletpimpernel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In actuality, not all of the prisoners are able to reach reconciliation.  Elie does not.  In Chapter 3, when he witnesses the infants being thrown alive into the fire, he states that his faith was consumed forever.  As the memoir continues, Wiesel continues to give further examples of his loss of faith.

In contrast, some are able to maintain their faith.  For the most part, Elie's father Chlomo does.  He does not rebel against God, and he seems somewhat reconciled to his fate. The rabbis remind prisoners and themselves of past times when the Jews suffered at the hands of others and try as much as possible to keep Jewish traditions alive by observing holidays and rituals. For example, Akiba Drumer who knows that he is going to his death, still asks the others to pray for him when he leaves.  He does not feel that God has forsaken him.