How did print technology develop in china?

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Printing technology was developed in China, during Tang dynasty, between 618-906 AD. This technology involved wood blocks used to print textiles and Buddhist images, texts and scriptures. The ancient printing technique consisted in few steps, such that: cutting wood blocks, carving out characters and images, applying olive oil and wine on characters carved in wood blocks, printing. The important fact was that carved wood block was used to print more than one sheet per day.

The printing technique was quickly spread such as, at the end of 9th century, the technique was used all over China territory. Books, printed in two colors, black and red, covering diverse subjects, such as mathematics, dictionaries, Buddhist scriptures, were sold by private dealers.

Movable printing press technology, was invented by the Dutch goldsmith Johannes Gutenberg and it represented the invention of millennium, although it could have been inspired by the movable type Chinese printing technology.

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