In "The Lady or the Tiger?" by Frank Stockton, how did the princess learn which doors the lady and the tiger were behind?

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In the "semi-barbaric kingdom" created by Frank Stockton in "The Lady or the Tiger?" a young man who did not have royal blood (a commoner) dared to do what no one else had done--he loved the princess. When the king determined that the young lover's fate was to be decided in the arena, the princess did what no one else had ever done--she discovered the "secret of the doors."

The arena is the place in which all matters of justice are impartially decided in this kingdom. Every young man sent into the arena is the master of his own fate, as he may choose either of the two doors which face him. Behind one is the fiercest (and hungriest) tiger in the land who will immediately attack and eat the man if the tiger's door is opened. Behind the other door is the most beautiful woman in the land, and if her door is opened the young man will immediately be married to her. 

The princess's lover, like all the other...

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