What Did President Roosevelt Do To Try To Counter The Effect Of The Great Depression

How did President Roosevelt try to help end the depression?

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President Franklin Delano Roosevelt unveiled his "New Deal" after his first election. It included a sweeping number of programs designed to put people back to work and relieve the effects of the Depression on young people, the elderly, and those who had been already in poverty before the Depression began. Controversially, it also included attempts to rein in the power of the big banks and corporations, for which Roosevelt was reviled by many in his own societal circle, who called him a "class traitor."

The Works Progress Administration (WPA), for example, the largest of the New Deal programs, put millions back to work building roads, bridges, schools, post offices, and many other public projects, much of which is still in existence and use today. In 1935, Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act, creating a "safety net" for the elderly to live out their lives securely. This program, now a vital part of the American way of life, continues to be attacked by conservatives, who call it an "entitlement."

Not all of Roosevelt's New Deal programs were successful, but he is justly credited with pulling the US (and to a large extent, the world) out of the greatest economic disaster experienced in modern times.

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The previous posts were quite strong.  I would like to echo that Roosevelt's entire approach to the role and scope of government helped to end the Depression.  In addressing the economic crisis of the time period, Roosevelt seized the opportunity to articulate a vision of government where an expanded scope and role could help citizens' times of economic distress.  Legislation and policy geared towards enhancing consumer protection and rights and regulating the practices of businesses and banks were part of this vision.  Roosevelt's use of the government in addressing economic crises set the stage for other governments to follow and to keep in mind when attempting to promoting the general welfare from an economic point of view.

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President Roosevelt tried to end the Depression in a variety of ways that, all put together, are known as the New Deal.

Among the things he tried to do were:

  • Put people back to work by providing government jobs for them.  A notable program like this was the WPA.
  • Give money to them to help them get by.  This is stuff that is essentially welfare.
  • Arranging for farmers to get better prices by paying them to stop growing so much stuff.
  • Regulating the financial industry so they would not do things like the things that helped cause the Depression.
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