How did the post-industrial period impact the black family?

mslillytn | Student

Daniel Bell (Bell, Daniel. The Coming of Post-Industrial Society. New York: Harper Colophon Books, 1974) emphasized the changes to post-industrial society are not merely socially structural and economic; the values and norms within the post-industrial society are changed as well. Rationality and efficiency become the paramount values within the post-industrial society. Eventually, according to Bell, these values cause a disconnect between social structures and culture. Most of today's unique modern problems can be generally attributed to the effects of the post-industrial society. These problems are particularly pronounced where the free market dominates. They can include economic inequality, the outsourcing of domestic jobs, etc.

The Black family has had more opportunities to prosper domestically. They have been given more rights and civil liberties as well. They haveĀ gone to college, persued betterĀ jobs and have made more money.