How did political parties become more democratic?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Political parties have become more democratic throughout our history. In the early years of our country, in some states, only males who owned property were allowed to vote in elections. Eventually, those restrictions began to disappear. However, the members of a political party had a very limited role in choosing the party’s candidates. The party’s leaders often chose the candidates. However, as nominating conventions replaced the caucuses, party's candidates began to be chosen by the party members instead of the party leaders.  This gave the party members a greater involvement in the activities of the party.

There are other ways political parties have become more democratic. Today, the party members have a say in the rules the party uses at its nominating conventions. These rules have an impact on the activities that occur at the convention. Members of a political party may also choose to run for an office. If more than one candidate runs for an office for a political party, there were will be a primary election to determine who the final candidate will be for that political party.

Throughout our history, political parties have become more democratic. This has given people a greater say in the activities of the political party.