How does the plot fit the setting of the story, chekhov the lady with the pet dog?

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There are a few themes that Chekov explores in this story.  One is the idea of nature, and its healing qualities.  This is shown in the happiness Gurov and Anna find by the seashore, out in the open weather, versus the conflict they experience in Moscow.  A second theme is the idea of life and its meaning.  Gurov, the protagonist, must face his choice of paths in life as he considers his relationship with Anna.  He realizes that, while he has seemed happy, he was really unfulfilled.  Once Gurov has discovered true love, he finds himself intolerant of the Moscow social life, a life ‘‘clipped and wingless, an absurd mess.’’ This allusion to the possibility of a more meaningful, dignified, and fulfilled life refers back to his revelation when he sat with Anna watching the sea at Oreanda and was struck by the beauty of ''everything except what we think or do ourselves when we forget the higher aims of life and our own human dignity.’’ The ‘‘higher aims’’ are not spelled out, but if the story is an indication, they lie in the pursuit of love, truth, and beauty. In this case, truth and beauty appear to reside in nature.

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