Great ExpectationsHow did Pip (or other major characters) change towards the end of the novel?  Explain.

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I loved reading Great Expectations!  And, my favorite character by far was Pip.  This former naive, shy, innocent, insignificant child was thrust into the cultured, polished, (and sometimes sinister) world of London overnight by one small act of kindness on a dark, moonless night! 

Because of that beneficent act, Pip acquires a mysterious benefactor who sends him to London to live, be taught, and tutored in all the social graces of the time.  Throughout the story, he meets all kinds of people:  some who really care and are concerned for his welfare, and others who sneer, scoff, and take advantage of his inexperience.  He meets a bitter, jilted lover whose obsession with it drives her to turn her beautiful, young niece into a proud, loveless clone of herself.  He meets a convict--a dirty, filthy, condemned man--whose life's tale is sad, but whom he grows to love and care for. 

Pip progresses from wide-eyed, wondering, inexperienced innocence to a wiser, more careful, mature man.  He has seen poverty in all its wretchedness; he has seen disdainful, unrequited love; he has escaped the Jaws of Death twice; he has seen and experienced the heart-wrenching loss of a loved one; he has tasted, lost, and regained again his first true love.  He leaves home a little boy; he returns home a great and good man, rich in experience, yet still somewhat pure and wholesome! 


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