Animal Farm Questions and Answers
by George Orwell

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How did the pig's lives compare to those of the other animals as illustrated in the novel, Animal Farm?

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The pigs lived lives of luxury and privilege while the other animals had to make do with the bare essentials. They were, most times, hungry and cold, even worse off than they had been during Jones' time. 

Since the pigs were the cleverest animals on the farm, they assumed leadership immediately after the Rebellion. They could read and write and thus set about planning for the future and teaching the other animals. This status, however, led to them soon claiming privileges for themselves and denying the other animals the same, as it was with the milk and the windfall apples, which were set aside for their exclusive use. Although the other animals moaned about this, Squealer quickly explained that the pigs sacrificed in eating such unpleasant food since it was to strengthen their thinking, i.e. 'brain food.' It was important for them to eat such food otherwise 'Jones would come back.' The animals quickly accepted this explanation. 

Thus began a campaign of systematic manipulation and...

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