In Hemingway's "The Killers," how did the person who sent Max and Al to Summit to murder Ole Andreson find out that he was living in that town and supposedly ate at the diner every evening?

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After Nick visits Ole Andreson at his rooming house to warn him about the killers who were planning to ambush him, Nick runs into Mrs. Bell, who apparently has been waiting to intercept him on his way out. She proves to be a very talkative type of woman, and she talks about nothing but Ole Andreson. A significant part of the conversation goes like this:

 “He’s been in his room all day,” the land-lady said down-stairs. “I guess he don’t feel well. I said to him: ‘Mr. Andreson, you ought to go out and take a walk on a nice fall day like this,’ but he didn’t feel like it.”

 “He doesn’t want to go out.”

 “I’m sorry he don’t feel well,” the woman said. “He’s an awfully nice man. He was in the ring, you know.”

 “I know it.”

 “You’d never know it except for the way his face is,” the woman said. They stood talking just inside the street door. “He’s just as gentle.”

The tone of her voice when she says, “He’s just as gentle” shows that...

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