how did the people of germany look at the jews?

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teachsuccess eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hello! Due to the massive indoctrination and propaganda campaign in Hitler's Germany, the German people began to look at Jews as sub-human. Jews were considered unfit to live with because they were not members of the Aryan or master race, as defined by Hitler. As such, Jews were prohibited from marrying Germans so that the purity of the master race of Aryans could be preserved. The superior race was defined by its blue eyed, blond haired, and tall Aryans.

Daniel was soon to find out that Hitler placed full blame for Germany's fall from grace in WWI squarely on the Jews. He made sure the Germans understood that complete extermination of the Jews would be the only way to regain Germany's national pride and honor. The German people came to look upon Jews as people intent on subverting racial purity and national power. They came to despise and hate the Jews.

As evidenced by the four Hitler youths' treatment of Daniel, Joshua, and Mordechai, the Jews were also considered dirty and unfit to mingle with. The 'Eternal Jew' public exhibit in Frankfurt portrayed all Jews as 'slave drivers, thieves, and madmen, unlike the upstanding, honorable German people.'

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