How did people dress in the Renaissance?Just as much detail as possible please.

Expert Answers
slchanmo1885 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The following describes the clothing of the wealthy. Women wore dresses with square necklines, wide sleeves often with a fur trim, decorated with lace or jewels. Their skirt was cone shaped but their tops were more tightly fitted. In the early Renaissance skirts had trains, but as time went on skirts consisted of different layers of fabric and the trains were discarded. Men wore tight hose on their legs, and tight to the body shirts and vests. Sleeves also became "poofy" with slits in them to show a different color fabric underneath, and this type of sleeve was popular with both men and women. Men wore large hats with floppy brims. Jewels would often bedeck the gowns of the very wealthy, and their clothing was highly decorated with large jewels and ornate fabrics. In the late 1500s, people began wearing ruffs around their necks and women's skirts got a little shorter so that women could show off their shoes.