In Chains, how did the Patriots get ammuniton for the war (Chapter XI)?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chapter 11 narrates what happens when Becky and Isabel are tidying the drawing room and uncovering furniture to get it ready for use by the family. Just as they are starting to do this task, rebel soldiers, accompanied by Bellingham, burst into the house and immediately begin to take apart windows and curtains. When the Locktons sharply protest, saying the soldiers are simply stealing from them. Bellingham explains that they are merely taking the lead from the house because they need it for ammunition. Bellingham at this point revels in his position of power and makes fun of Lockton, saying:

I thought such a patriot as yourself would welcome the chance to contribute to the army.

It is clear that Lockton is anything but a patriot, and although Bellingham tries to find his secret source of bribe money, it is clear that his lack of success in this indicates Lockton found somewhere else to keep his riches safe. The patriots thus gain lead for ammunition from any source they possibly can, even going as far as to dismantle furniture and products from houses to gain more lead to use in their battle.