Where Men Win Glory

by Jon Krakauer

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How did Pat's mom describe him in Where Men Win Glory?

Expert Answers

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Jon Krakauer refers to Boots on the Ground by Dusk, the book written by Pat Tillman’s mother, Mary Tillman (Dannie). She describes her son as not having been “cuddly” as a baby. Always a lively child who walked at eight months of age, Pat was constantly in motion. Never inclined to sit inside, he and his younger brothers explored the “untamed landscapes” of rocks and ravines in the park near their home.

Active debate about every conceivable topic was standard in their home, and Pat vigorously expressed his opinions. A “nonstop talker” in general, although he was bright and a dedicated student, his tendency to roughhouse sometimes got him in trouble at school. The family channeled his natural athleticism into sports, beginning with soccer. Although he was not tall, he excelled at football and played numerous positions on the high school varsity squad.

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