How did Pap influence Huck's personality? 

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Huck's father is a scoundrel and an abusive parent whose actions and ideas produce a certain negative influence on his son. Nonetheless, some of his sordid actions are cause for Huck to recognize the results of Pa's wrongdoing and to reject such behavior, along with a few unchristian beliefs. In contrast to his "pap," the runaway slave named Jim demonstrates to Huck the worthiness of being good and charitable. Because Jim's positive influence over Huck contrasts so sharply with Huck's father, Huck reevaluates some of his beliefs.

The cruelty that Pap shows Huck is also contrasted with the kindness that the Widow Douglas extends to the boy. When, for instance, Pap surprises his son by being in his room one night because he has learned of Huck's fortune, Pap demands the money. Luckily for Huck, he anticipated his father's intentions sometime before this, so he rushed to Judge Thatcher, who arranged protection for Huck's money. Further, Pap derogates Huck for having learned to read; he...

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