How did the outcome of the Battle of Point Pleasant create potential problems for the Shawnees in the decade following Dunmore’s War?

gsenviro | Student

The Battle of Point Pleasant was fought on 10 October 1774 between the Virginia Militia and Indians consisting of Shawnee (predominantly) and Mingo (few warriors) tribes. Colonel Andrew Lewis lead the militia, while Cornstalk, the Shawnee chief, led the Indians. The battle was a result of the Treaty of Stanwix, which forced the Indians to accept the Ohio River Boundary and would have resulted in Indians ceding the territory south of the river. Shawnees were not consulted on his treaty and were not willing to leave the lands without a fight. 

The battle went badly for the Shawnees and they had to retreat after suffering heavy losses. As a result of their loss, the Shawnees had to accept the Treaty of Camp Charlotte according to which they ceded all their territory south of Ohio River. They also had to agree to release all the white prisoners and stop attacking barges of immigrants on the river. So not only did the Shawnees lose their lands and a large number of warriors, they also lost their rights as well.