How did the other students react to Philip on his first day back in Nothing but the Truth?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Generally speaking, the reaction of the other students upon Philip's return is not favorable.

Ken Barchet, a friend with whom Philip rides on the bus, is decent to him, but tells him he can't run with him after school because he has track team practice. Ken tells Philip that he should be on the team too, but Philip responds that he could not try out because Ms. Narwin was failing him in English. Philip declares his intention of asking Ms. Narwin if he can do extra work to raise his grade, and Ken agrees that would be a good idea.

The next student Philip meets is Allison Doresett. Allison wastes no time in telling Philip that she thinks what he did to Ms. Narwin was really mean. She tells him everyone pretty much thinks as she does, and Philip gets defensive, angry that Allison does not take his side. In the hallway, Todd Becker comes up and asks Philip if he is going to have a press conference, and Joseph Crippens teases him, calling him "Uncle Sam." Other students are full of questions about Philip's new celebrity status, and Jason Marks asks straight out if he went after Ms. Narwin because he was failing English.

All in all, the students' attitude towards Philip upon his return to school creates a very uncomfortable atmosphere for him. He is the center of attention, but, unlike the communication he has been receiving from people who have heard about the situation but do not know him, few of his schoolmates are supportive. Some students are just curious, but many are angry at what he has done. Philip's peers know the truth; the general feeling among the students is that Philip brought about his problems himself, and that he was very unfair to go after Ms. Narwin as he did. Philip finds himself in the ironic position of being the focus of attention and being ostracized at the same time (Chapter 16).

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