How did Orlando save Oliver in As you Like it?

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Orlando gets to meet Oliver in the Forest of Arden.  It was actually a chance meeting.  When Orlando was strolling in the forest, he happends to see a bearded man in ragged clothes sleeping under an old mossed oak tree.  A snake had coiled around his neck and was about to enter into his mouth.  Seeing Orlando in the vicinity it uncoiled  itself and escaped into the safety of a bush wherein lay a hungry lactating mother whose udders had gone dry.  The uncoiling of the snake made the sleepy man stir and move.  The lioness which lay hidden behind the bushes was wanting to attack the man after ascertaining that he was alive, because it is the natural disposition of a lion never to attack a dead creature.  It was about to attack the man and prey on him.  Orlando after seeing these chain of events approached the man lying under the tree only to find out that the man was none other but his own brother Oliver.

Orlando who was meted with immense injustice and unkindness from his wicked brother, decides to turn his back against his elder brother and leave him to the mercy of the wicked hungry beast.  But the pull of blood and brotherly love wins over the emotion of revenge.  He fought with the lioness bravely and killed it.  This conflict awakens Oliver.  Upon awakening,Oliver gets to know the threat to his life and how he got a new lease of life through his brother .  Thus Orlando saves the life of the elder brother who more than in one instance had contrived to kill him.


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