In The Duchess and The Jeweller, how did Oliver act around his four friends.

Expert Answers
durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Duchess and the Jeweller exposes the superficial environment in which so many people exist. In an effort to appear to be privileged and successful, Oliver Bacon, who was not actually born into wealth, behaves much like the people with whom he aspires to socialize and be seen with - the "duchesses, countesses, viscountesses and Honourable Ladies."

The four men, Marshall, Spencer, Hammond and Wicks are presumed to watch him in awe, envying his apparent success. Oliver treats then with very little respect, only "waggling" his finger as an acknowledgement of their presence in the shop; no greeting and no discussion. He clearly wants as little as possible to do with them. Perhaps he is worried that they will expose his own lowly status so basically ignores them. Oliver allows the men, especially Mr Hammond who stands "flattened against the wall", to be subservient to him.  

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