How did the Nile help the Egyptians?  

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Egypt was one of the four River Valley Civilizations, the first agricultural settlements that blossomed into cities and civilizations. Located on the Nile, Egypt grew into a strong, centralized civilization.

The Nile was particularly helpful because it provided the Egyptians with irrigation. One of the hallmarks of early civilization was having a surplus of food that could sustain a large and growing population. As the Egyptians formed on the end of the Nile River, they had access to lush, fertile lands that were fed by the mighty river. Egyptians were able to grow wheat and barley as cereal grains which supported a growing population and labor force.

In addition to allowing for agriculture and surplus foods, the Nile allowed Egyptians to expand their territory and trade connections. In traveling up the Nile, Egypt was able to grow its empire by creating cities like Memphis, Alexandria, Giza, and Heliopolis. This would not have been possible without the Nile, for both agricultural reasons but also in allowing the Egyptians to travel quickly by boat. The Egyptians also used it for trade with other groups, like the Kush to the South. As a counterpoint, the Kush later invaded and took over the Egyptians with the help of the Nile in transporting their forces.

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The Nile River has always been important to Egyptians.  This was especially evident in ancient Egypt.  The ancient Egyptians relied heavily on the Nile River for agriculture and trade.  The Nile River helped the ancient Egyptians to thrive.

Each year, the Nile River flooded.  This flooding saturated the usually dry soil.  Silt deposits developed and the river waters helped to create fertile soil.  Farmers were able to grow crops in abundance because of the Nile River.

The Nile River was also essential for trade.  The river flowed north and emptied into the Mediterranean Sea.  Merchants sailed with their goods from Egypt and into the Mediterranean.  From the Sea, merchant ships could travel to southern Europe and western Asia.  They could also bring goods from Europe and Asia back down the Nile River to Egypt.

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