The New Deal Questions and Answers

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How did the New Deal expand the federal government's authority ?

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The New Deal represented -- excluding the policies associated with the struggle against slavery -- the greatest expansion in the federal government's role in the nation's history.  Franklin Roosevelt came to office amid the height of the Great Depression, and it was his administration's responsibility to conceptualize and implement policies and programs that would lift the country out of the depths of the economic situation into which it had descended. Toward that goal, the Roosevelt Administration, working with an often recalcitrant Congress, pushed through reforms and jobs programs that remain active today, including the establishment of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which was a direct response to the systemic failure of the nation's banking industry with the concomitant wide-scale loss of savings suffered by American families across the nation.  The FDIC provided -- and continues to do so under the same statutory authorities -- insurance against loss due to bank...

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