How did nationalism influence imperialism?

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All forms of nationalism, even those that are ostensibly progressive, are based upon the notion that there are those who belong to the nation and those who don't. Not surprisingly, this leads to the implementation of policies that actively discriminate against—and in some cases, repress—those deemed not to be part of the nation.

On the domestic front, such rampant chauvinism can manifest itself in an attack upon expressions of minority cultures, such as language and national dress. If the nation in question achieves sufficient military and economic might, then the suppression of minority peoples and their cultures can easily morph into full-blown imperialism.

For imperialism shares with nationalism the notion that there's a natural pecking order among cultures and civilizations—that some are inherently superior to others. Such a notion of superiority inevitably seeks an outlet abroad, where there are any number of allegedly inferior cultures just waiting to be brought up to the...

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