How did NASA make the 0 Gravity or Anti-Gravity chamber? How does the room works?

astrosonuthird | Student

Is an aeroplane an anti-gravity chamber


astrosonuthird | Student

Ok! Guys. Is the anti gravity chamber is in an aeroplane?

julian314 | Student

0 gravity is impossible in Earth, as that would mean totally not interacting with the hypothetical Gravitons. However, it is possible to enter a state of weightlessness (Note: Weight and mass are different, weight is the effect of your mass being accelerated by gravity and mass is constant, it does not vary with gravity), where people can float around freely, even on Earth, like the Zero Gravity Corporation, where the person is in a plane, and the plane moves downwards in an arc such that the plane falls as fast as the person, so relative to the person, he is weightless, but truth is, the plane is falling along with him at the same speed. Same as zero gravity, there is also no 'anti-gravity'

astrosonuthird | Student

How they created 0 Gravity in Earth?

etotheeyepi | Student

One might think of a table or a floor as an antigravity machine.  Or a wing of an airplaine, or a rocket, or a hangman's noose.