How did Napoleon and Squealer control the animals?    

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Napoleon and Squealer control the animals by cultivating an atmosphere of fear, spreading propaganda, altering the Seven Commandments to coincide with their current political agenda, and enacting laws that oppress other animals.

After usurping power, Napoleon immediately cancels Sunday assemblies and intimidates the other animals by surrounding himself with nine ferocious dogs at all times. Napoleon then employs Squealer to spread propaganda and manipulate language to control the animals. Squealer bolsters support for Napoleon by continually portraying him as a selfless leader who works tirelessly to improve the standard of living on the farm. He depicts Napoleon as a war hero, alters historical facts, portrays Snowball as an enemy, and strikes fear into the animals by continually reminding them of Mr. Jones's tyrannical reign. Squealer also alters the Seven Commandments to coincide with Napoleon's current political agenda and creates false statistics to make it seem like the farm is...

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