How did Napoleon use violence in Animal Farm?

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Napoleon uses violence in Animal Farm for various means and ends. One reason for the use of violence is the consolidation of power; however, he also uses violence to instill fear in the other animals, manipulate their behavior, and ultimately eradicate the chance of potential opposition to his leadership.

Overt violence is used to instill fear in the animals, increase conformity, and solidify Napoleon's position. In the book, Napoleon raises and trains nine farm puppies to act as his private bodyguards and army. In chapter 7, Napoleon assembles all the animals and forces four pigs who questioned him to confess that they have secretly been taking orders from Snowball . Immediately following their confession, the dogs rip the pigs' throats out. This and the subsequent killings of other animals who claim to have committed various crimes is proof of the brutality of Napoleon's leadership. It is used to send a clear message to the terrified animals about the future fate of any animal who opposes...

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