How did Napoleon take power for himself?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Napoleon ends up understanding that power is something to keep for himself from the very moment of Jones' departure.  Recognizing that the keeping of the pups for himself can help to develop his own squad of powerful protection is one way he keeps power to himself.  Napoleon understands from an eerily early moment that power and force can complement one another quite nicely.  In keeping the puppies for himself and to train them as his own private protection squad, Napoleon is able to keep power for himself.  Over time, Napoleon distances himself from the other animals, restricting power normally reserved to them and keeping it for himself.  The dissolution of animal meetings, the keeping of the milk and apple mash for himself, as well as establishing a clear hierarchy whereby the pigs, especially Napoleon, are able to revel in the power while the other animals are silenced by it is another way in which Napoleon is able to keep power for himself.  In taking it away from the other animals, Napoleon understands the need to ensure that power is treated in an exclusive manner, one in which Napoleon's demonstration of power comes at the cost of the other animals.