How did Mrs. Granger react to Nick's question about the origin of the words in the dictionary?

Expert Answers
mrshh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Nick Allen is an expert at asking teachers unnecessary questions in order to waste time.  In fact, he is known at school for doing this.  On the first day in Mrs. Granger's fifth grade class, Nick asks his dictionary-loving teacher where all the words in the dictionary come from.  He asks this question in order to waste class time.  Mrs. Granger immediately see the purpose of Nick's question.  Instead of answering his question, she tells him that she could talk about the origin of words in the dictionary for hours.  Then she proceeds to assign him an oral report, which he is to give in class the next day.  She explains that he will have to do research on the question he asked in order to share the information with the rest of his class.  She smiles at Nick and then continues teaching her lesson.  Nick realizes that what he had heard was true: Mrs. Granger is tough.