how did mr. pignati die at the end?what happened at the end other than his death?

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Mr. Pignati’s first heart attack is caused by over-exerting himself while skating with John and Lorraine. John and Lorraine (the kids who have entered Mr. Pignati’s home under false pretences), call for help. They lie to the medical team and pretend to be Mr. Pignati’s children so that they can visit him in the hospital as he recuperates from his heart attack.

Mr. Pignati had been living a lonely existence and he is now thrilled to have John and Lorraine in his life. Therefore, he gives them permission to “make themselves at home” while he is in the hospital. They decide to throw a party, which quickly becomes out-of-hand.  In fact, Norton Kelly steals from the house and, when John confronts him about the theft, he breaks all of the pigs in Mr. Pignati’s home. These collectibles had been significant to Mrs. Pignati prior to her death. Consequently, when Mr. Pignati returns home from the hospital and sees the devastation that he kids have wreaked upon his home, he has a second, fatal heart attack.

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