How did Mr. Otis humiliate the Canterville ghost?  

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Mr. Otis completely humiliates Sir Simon by not being afraid of the ghost at all.  

Sir Simon takes pride in the fact that he has been scaring owners of the Canterville house for years and years.  He believes that it will be equally easy to do against the Otis family.  Sir Simon's first attempt to do this occurs in section two of the story.  It's late at night, and the entire Otis family is asleep.  Sir Simon begins ghosting the halls and making noises with the chains that he is dragging with him.  Mr. Otis is more annoyed than anything else at having been roused from sleep.  Mr. Otis then goes and opens his door, and he is immediately confronted with the ghost of Sir Simon.  The image is quite terrifying to look at actually.  

Right in front of him he saw, in the wan moonlight, an old man of terrible aspect. His eyes were as red...

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