How did Mr. Fix feel when he saw Mr. Fogg in Egypt?  

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The tireless Inspector Fix of Scotland Yard is hot on the heels of Phileas Fogg, wrongly believing him to be a thief who's robbed the Bank of England. Fix is motivated to catch Fogg, not just by professional pride, but by the substantial reward on offer for apprehending this most dangerous of criminals. Fix is absolutely certain that he's got the right man. Years of experience as a detective have told him that all the biggest criminals look like respectable gentlemen.

When Fogg and Passepartout arrive in Egypt on the next leg of their epic journey, Fix is waiting for them. As soon as he sets eyes on the intrepid duo, Fix is elated. Now all he has to do is inform Scotland Yard of the supposed thief's arrival in Egypt, wait for the arrest warrant, and then the reward will be his.

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