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Often times we see some really imaginative stuff on movies and TV series and few years later that becomes a reality. An example is the communicator used in original Star Trek series, which is very similar in appearance and shape to modern day mobile phones. Movies use imagination to come up with ideas of material or processes that may seem too far-fetched, but they can use it, since they are just movies. However, they also provide us with ideas of something that may just be possible, given enough scientific advancements. An example is the use of something very similar to today's iPad or Tablets in Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. Ridley Scott's Blade Runner used smart windows in 1982, something similar has been installed in Boeing's Dreamliners. Imaginative concepts used in movies act as stimulants for many researchers, providing them with ideas and hypothesis that may be pursued scientifically. 

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