In "Fahrenheit 451" how did Montag escape the hound and get to the upper level?

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mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The answer to this one one is quite simple, but you have to be reading very carefully in order to catch it.  Near the beginning of the book, Montag enters the firehouse, and the Mechanical Hound ominously growls at him.  Even more alarming, it wields its needle, almost like it is going to come out of its kennel and stab Montag.  This would be very bad, indeed, as the needle contains immobilzing poisons.  So, Montag tries to calm it down, saying, "No, no boy," before shimmying past it.  Then, as Montag backs up, the Hound follows.  Quickly, Montag

"grabbed the brass pole with one hand.  The pole, reacting, slid upward and and took him through the ceiling, quietly."

So, apparently the firepoles in the future respond to human touch, and as soon as someone grabs it, it moves upward, bringing the person with it.  Fortunately, Montag was able to grab it and be escorted away before the Hound got close enough to do any harm.

I hope that helped a bit; good luck!

q30r9m3 | Student

Montag justs jumps out of the way of the Hound.