How did the middle class influence that moral code during the Victorian Era? in terms of the 19th Century

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The middle class was likely one of the biggest proponents of various aspects of moral change, or the attempt to legislate morality in the Victorian Era.  There were many rather immoral (in the eyes of many) things going on at the time, child labor abuses, heavy drinking and gambling, prostitution, etc.

The middle class really took up the flag and tried to influence both legislation and public policy and public opinion in various ways.  They marched, held all kinds of meetings, funded various organizations etc., all aimed at wiping out drinking or prostitution or whichever vice that group felt most strongly about.

Though they may have had little effect, in the end, on the morals of the time, their attempts were rather public and involved a serious investment of their time and money to try and stop what they saw as the vices of the world.

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