How did Mendal prove that all offspring do not get a blend of parent traits-experiment-(P,F1,F2)THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP

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Mendel worked with the garden pea. To prove that all offspring do not get a blend of the parent's traits consider a cross between a homozygous tall pea plant(TT) and a homozygous short pea plant(tt). This represents the P or parental generation and the trait of tall height is dominant to short. In the F1 generation, 100% of the offspring resulting from this cross are Tt or heterozygous tall. If a blending occurred, the height should have been a medium height. That never occurred. However, when Mendel crossed two heterozygous tall plants (Tt)x(Tt), the resulting offspring in the F2 generation are as follows: 25%homozygous tall(TT), 50% heterozygous tall(Tt) and 25% homozygous short (tt). This proves that there wasn't a blending and in fact, one trait was dominant to the other.


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