How did Mein Kampf help Hitler in his rise to power?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mein Kampf was instrumental in Hitler's rise to power as it gave him a forum where his views could resonate with the cultural feel of many Germans of the time.  The book enabled Hitler to reach a wider audience with his politics of scapegoating.  The positions advocated in the book were distinct from the mainstream Weimar Germany position. This helped to establish Hitler as a figure outside of the establishment, gaining credibility with a skeptical German public.  Hitler's invocation of "struggle" also connected with the public, thereby increasing his power base.  The "struggle" which he linked with a rising Germany, proud of its past and its future, was something that found an audience.  For Germans who could not say what he was saying, Hitler's book gave him an automatic point of entry.

It was from this point where Hitler's rise to power was evident.  Hitler's book was seized upon by many who shared the same experience or wanted to merge his experience with their own.  This enabled Hitler to enjoy power once he was released from prison.  The lack of hope that Weimar Germany offered to many was contrasted with the simplistic vision that Hitler offered.  This resulted in Hitler being able to tap into such a reservoir in order to gain more power and control more as a result of it.  In this, the zeitgeist that the book captured enabled Hitler to gain power.