How did Meg and Calvin relate to one another?  

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akasha124 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Meg and Calvin in a lot of ways are opposites, and we all know the saying about opposites attracting!

Meg comes from a loving, tight knit family that is supportive.  But since her father went missing and the turmoil of being an adolescent girl which makes a chemical fiesta in your body, she's often angry and impatient.  She's not particularly popular but she is smart, though not as smart as her younger brother.  She is awkward and often emotional.

Calvin comes from a large family that doesn't care about him particularly, he just sort of gets lost in the shuffle.  He's outgoing and popular and known to be a great athlete.  Despite his home life, he's very kind and loving.

Both have a lot to contribute to each other - Meg is used to coming from a loving family which means she knows how to love and support someone like Calvin, and she's also very passionate.  Calvin is more even tempered so he can help Meg calm down and his affection towards her makes her less awkward.

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