Segregation and the Civil Rights Movement Questions and Answers

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How did Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X use religion to bolster their respective strategies for Civil Rights?

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Both giants of the Civil Rights Movement understood that their causes had to be rooted in religious doctrine not only to persuade their following, but to increase its persuasion to others as well as justify their paths to equality for people of color in America.  For Dr. King, the use of Christianity was vital in making the cause of Civil Rights something more than a political idea.  Dr. King understood that Civil Rights provided the opportunity for all Christians to follow the teachings of Jesus and transcend that which is around them.  In this call for transcendence, Dr. King argued that fighting for Civil Rights through civil disobedience rooted in nonviolence was a way for people to move closer to the realm of Christ and embody Christian teachings.  Religion was the force that Dr. King believed would galvanize all people, Black and White. into action.  Through reaching across racial lines through the appeal of Christianity, Dr. King understood that he could transform the Civil...

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