How does Marlow choose the path “less traveled by” with his choice of Kurtz as his nightmare?

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Marlow, from Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, is not a typical seaman and has a philosophical edge to him which is what allows this journey to become so much more than a physical trip. Kurtz is a man like no other who has a deep impact on everyone he meets but others are powerless in his presence. "He came to them with thunder and lightning, you know...and very terrible." Even when there is opportunity to leave, his followers, "pilgrims," remain loyal. Marlow begins, during his journey into the depths of Africa, to recognize something in himself which had escaped him before. The physical and very arduous journey allows him to delve into his own thoughts and the choices, unconscious or otherwise, that he has made. Some of his choices create similarities between two conspicuously different people:

I found myself...

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