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How did Marlon feel after he lied to Truman about the Truman Show?

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Though the movie The Truman Show never explicitly allows Marlon to explain how he felt about lying to Truman, the viewer gets a small sense that he wasn't thrilled about it, but he counted lying as part of his job as a participant in Truman's life. Marlon doesn't show any remorse, but there is one particular moment when he and Truman are having a serious discussion about what is happening in which it appears that his conscience almost gets to him.

During this scene, Christof communicates to Marlon through a headset what he should say to Truman to calm Truman's suspicions. After Christof communicates to  Marlon that he should tell Truman "And the last thing I would ever do is lie to you," Marlon hesitates for a moment and looks as if he may balk from delivering the line. However, this hesitation doesn't last for more than an instant and Marlon does what he is paid to do—act like he is Truman's friend.

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