How did Manifest Destiny affect individuals?

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Manifest Destiny affected people in the United States. The goal of Manifest Destiny was to spread our control from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

Many people saw Manifest Destiny as an opportunity. People moved to the new lands we received in order to farm, to raise cattle, or to mine for minerals. Other people viewed these new areas as an opportunity for adventure. They could go to new places to discover what was there. As people moved west, business owners saw this as an opportunity to expand. This would give them a chance to make more money.

Other individuals were affected negatively because of the policy of Manifest Destiny. The Native Americans had their lands taken away when they were placed on reservations. They also got diseases as white people moved to the West. Some Native Americans died from these diseases. Some of the original settlers in the western regions also suffered a similar fate from these diseases that the Americans brought with them as they expanded westward.

Manifest Destiny affected individuals in various ways.

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