How did Malcolm X eliminate prejudice and discrimination?

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Malcolm X is considered to be a divisive figure by some. His politics were radical for the time. Even now, his views might be considered too separatist, militaristic, or theological for mainstream acceptance. However, despite his radical stance on a number of issues, Malcolm X also stands as a figure that united people across various differences, including racial and religious differences.

Malcolm X helped to reduce prejudice and discrimination by speaking out against racial injustice. While he did not invest as much time as other leaders in formulating programmatic initiatives or solutions, he spearheaded the Black Nationalist movement and articulated its ideological foundation. Malcolm X was a highly effective social leader and was able to mobilize communities to an unprecedented degree of engagement. He founded several organizations of his own, including Muslim Mosque, Inc. and the Organization of Afro-American Unity. These organizations both mobilized and united the African-American community, and put social and political pressure on white American leaders to change racial politics in America. 

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