How did Lord Peter become acquainted with Fenchurch St. Paul in The Nine Tailors?

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Lord Peter Wimsey and his valet Bunter are traveling back to London from Wimsey's family seat of Duke's Denver when Lord Peter drives his car into a ditch.  It is the dead of winter, and the two men take shelter in the nearest village, called Fenchurch St. Paul.  The Rector Venables welcomes them, and, upon learning that Wimsey is an experienced bell-ringer, encourages them to stay and help with the church's historic New Year's peal of the nine great bells (called the Nine Tailors -- a dialect form of "toller", meaning a bell) in the belfry.  It takes some time for the car to be repaired, but Lord Peter and Bunter then leave Fenchurch St. Paul.  The rector later writes to Lord Peter in London, and asks him to return to Fenchurch to help him solve a mystery of a missing corpse, a jewel thief, an encrypted message, and a murder.   Fenchurch St. Paul is a model for a typical English village, with its ancient church and bells, its tight-knit community, and the full range of village characters from laborers through the clergy to the local gentry.  By the end of the book Lord Peter comes to like the village despite the tragic events which took place there.

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