How did Lincoln's plan for Reconstruction compare to Johnson's plan?

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Both President Lincoln and President Johnson had plans for Reconstruction. Each plan had its own characteristics. Lincoln’s plan was known as the Ten Percent Plan. It called for 10% of the voters of a state to take an oath of loyalty to the United States. Once that happened, states could write new constitutions that had to ban slavery. Any white southerner who promised to be loyal to the United States would be forgiven and receive amnesty.

President Johnson had his plan for Reconstruction. He offered to forgive people and return their property if they promised to be loyal to the United States. He required the leaders of the Confederacy to apply directly to him for forgiveness or amnesty. People who were forgiven and who promised loyalty could vote to elect people to write the new constitutions. Temporary governments would be formed in the South. The new constitutions had to reject the concept of secession and approve the 13th amendment.

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