Between Shades of Gray Questions and Answers
by Ruta Sepetys

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How did Lina Vilkas experience war in Between Shades of Gray?

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As one can imagine, war is a deeply traumatic experience for Lina. A young girl from a loving home, she's suddenly uprooted from her comfortable living environment by the NKVD and deported with her family to a labor camp in Siberia. This would be a hard enough experience for anyone to have to experience, let alone someone of Lina's tender years.

Nevertheless, despite the numerous hardships she's forced to endure, Lina is determined to document the horrors of deportation and her subsequent life in a Siberian labor camp. She does this through drawing, which is not just a hobby to her, but the abiding passion of her life. Lina cannot change the world, nor mitigate the appalling suffering that she and so many others must deal with every single day. But what she can do is express her innermost feelings through drawing, giving voice to the intense emotional pain that eats away inside her and which bears eloquent testimony to man's inhumanity to man.

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