How did the Lilliputians manage to keep Gulliver captive?

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After being shipwrecked, Gulliver swims to the Lilliputian shore and falls into a deep sleep. After nine hours of sleep, Gulliver wakes up but finds that he is unable to move because the Lilliputians have tied him down with rope, although Gulliver refers to it as string because he is so much bigger.  His arms and legs are "strongly fastened on each side to the ground" and his hair is "tied down in the same manner."  Finally, he notices his torso is secured by criss-crossing ligatures from ""  When Gulliver tries to rise, he is able to free the hair on the left side of his head from the ropes.  In response, the Lilliputians shoot his left hand with 100 arrows and shot more into the air which landed on his body and face.



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