How did Lev change from the beginning of Unwind to the end?

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Lev begins the book as an obedient and docile boy but grows to better understand his own value as he learns to fight for what's right and go against the established rules of society.

Lev is a tithe. This means that his very religious family voluntarily gave him up to be unwound. This means that he would be taken apart, and his body parts would be donated to others. He was willing to embrace this fate and even tried to bargain with Connor when they met so that he could continue on his way to be unwound.

After he tells about Connor and Risa's escape, he feels guilt. He doesn't want them to be caught, so he breaks the rules for the first time in his life to help them escape. This is a big change for his formerly-obedient character who had never broken a rule in his life. It also gave him more independence than he'd had before.

After he meets and travels with CyFi, he becomes more willing to do what needs to be done to protect himself and others. He's no longer the clean and honest kid he...

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