How did the leadership of the colonial forces help them to victory?  

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The leadership of our colonial forces was a key factor in helping the colonists defeat Great Britain in the Revolutionary War. George Washington was a brilliant and a skilled leader. He always remained calm and made the most with what he had to work. He developed a good strategy and wasn’t afraid to adjust his plans if needed. When the British fleet went to Yorktown, Washington adjusted his plans to move our army there. He worked together with the commander of the French fleet to seal the entrance to Chesapeake Bay trapping the British fleet.

George Washington also avoided making foolish mistakes. Unlike the British commanders who didn’t follow the British plans, such as General Howe going to Philadelphia instead of Albany, General Washington developed plans that his soldiers could execute. Washington also didn’t travel with unneeded items like General Burgoyne of the British did. By avoiding these mistakes, Washington was able to make the best use of his soldiers and the resources that were available to him.

Washington had capable generals and military men who worked with him and who won important battles. Nathanael Greene won important battles in the South. George Rogers Clark won important battles in the West that helped us get control of the Ohio Valley.

The skilled leadership of our military leaders, especially that of George Washington, was a critical factor in helping the colonists defeat Great Britain in the Revolutionary War.

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