How is Latin's lasting influence evident in the words people use today?

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Latin has been called a dead language, but nothing could be further from the truth. Latin is alive and well in several modern languages. If Latin was dead, we would say "RIP, Latin." Most would think this means to rest in peace, but its origin is the Latin phrase requiescat in pace.

The Romance languages in Europe are the direct descendants of the Latin language. Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, and Romanian are all languages that are derived from Latin. The lexical similarities with Latin in these languages is over 75%.  These means that most of the words in these languages were born in Ancient Rome.  

Because of the expansiveness of the Roman Empire, Germanic languages like English have been influenced by Latin as well. Words and phrases that Americans use every day have a Latin genesis. Phrases like bona fide (in good faith), ad nauseam (to sickness), an in absentia (in your absence.) Around 28% of the English language is derived from Latin including words like agile, alien, verbatim, and vice versa.

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